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  • Multibyte support for internalional characters like Chinese, Japanese etc.
  • Support of Alternate Data Streams (Requires Windows Vista, Windows Server "Longhorn" or Windows Server 2003.)
  • Hidden and System object counts

Click on bar for details.

Select type of disk related information you like to see.

Select how the information is to be displayed. Since it wouldn't make sense to show bars of 100% for all disks, when is pressed, the percentage is displayed as share each disks has of the total disk space in a pie chart.

Click pie segment for details or click on desired part of title to return to a parent folder. Double right click to open folder. If you don't see the graphic, make the windows larger. An * after a Folder indicates no further sub-folders. A Dot as name represents the files in that folder. The footer indicates the size in and under that folder. Move labels, pie segments or rotate the pie (slider at the right edge) to cope with cluttered labels.

This button toggles the detail window on and off. The detail window displays how many files and what size there are in that folder. It also displays pies charts giving information about what file extensions appear with what size and number.

If available (e.g. Windows Vista) one take Alternate Data Streams (Button ADS) into acount, which will add their sizes and display the number of ADS.

Make pie chart circled . This might look nicer, but will likely use the window less efficient.

Sort pies ascending or descending by their size. You can have these button all up, but the program won't unsort pies which were sorted beforehand. You can use refresh to do that.

Press F5 or Refresh to reread the disk information or check Auto Refresh to have this done every 10 seconds.

NEW If there are too many pie segments, the number of marks being displayed can be controlled with an additional slider.


This Software is copyrighted and protected by international laws. Redistribution prohibited. This software is provided as is and no warranties are given, what so ever.

Results may be distorted by disk quotas or user restrictions on some PCs.

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P&K 3783 Dispersion calculation for accidental releases (emission) according to VDI 3783 part 1 and part 2 in an integrated implementation of both guidelines.

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