Company presentation

The aim and mission of EnCoCo Services to serve its clients with Computer related solutions.

EnCoCo Services specializes in combining mathematical models and computer techniques into practical software solutions as well as customized calculation models to be used on super computers.

The strength of EnCoCo Services lies in the profound scientific knowledge and long experience with computers and software. We have extensive experience with applied computer techniques in different fields.

We are small but very flexible. We collaborate with many small companies and with many top level specialists.

EnCoCo Services was formed by Diplom Ingenieur R. Kade in 1998.

EnCoCo Services evolved out of an ongoing partnership named Petersen & Kade (since 1981) and many years of work with/for Goepfert Reimer & Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (now Electrowatt Ekono).

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